FAQs for Producers - Our Top 10 Articles

Navigating music publishing as a producer can be difficult. Here are some of our most helpful articles for producers:



Are Producers Considered Songwriters?

Why Do You Ask About “Lyrics” and “Music”?



Someone Used / Released My Beats Without My Permission - What Can I Do to Make Sure I Am Fairly Compensated for My Works?

If I Am A Producer, Can You ''Scan'' the Internet for Places Where My Beats are Used and Then Collect the Publishing Income?



What is a Music License?

What is Royalty Free Music?

Can I Use Songtradr if I Am With Songtrust?



What is the Difference Between a Sample and Interpolation?

Can I Register a Song With Samples?

What is Tracklib?

How Do I Register a Song if I am Using Samples From Tracklib?




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