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Read through a collection of our most viewed and helpful articles compiled to get you answers to your publishing questions quickly.

Why Songtrust?

Deciding if Songtrust is the right partner for you? Learn more about how our global publishing administration services, terms and conditions.

Account Registration & Setup

Need help navigating our platform? Read Songtrust's software how-to's to ensure you are registering your songwriters and songs properly.

Video Tutorials & Resources

Watch our quick video demos to help you make the most out of your Songtrust account. Topics include Account Setup, YouTube, and Royalty Reports.

General Publishing Questions

Equip yourself with the knowledge needed to navigate music publishing and all of its intricacies.


Learn more about how Songtrust can help you monetize your compositions that are used within videos being uploaded and viewed on YouTube.

Royalty Collections

Where in the world does Songtrust collect publishing royalties from and how often do we pay out our clients? Answers to those questions and more here.

Payouts & Payoneer

Want to learn more about receiving royalty payments from Songtrust? Read up on our payment policies and how to set up direct deposit via Payoneer.

Publishing Partners

Songtrust is partnered with 60+ different performance and mechanical collection societies across 245 countries. Learn more about them here.


Every time your compositions are performed live, you could be owed publishing performance royalties. Don't miss out.

Licensing & Sync

Are your compositions being used in audiovisual media such as television, film or ads? You could be owed a licensing fee and/or performance royalties.

Music Industry Misc.

The modern music industry, especially publishing, can be confusing and difficult to keep up with. Stay informed.