What Is Royalty-Free Music?

Does 'royalty-free' mean free of all costs?

In a nutshell, Royalty Free Music refers to a type of music licensing that allows whoever purchases the music to pay for the music license only, after which they are then able to use the music for as long as they desire without having to pay any additional royalties to the copyright owner. Essentially, you are required to only pay a one-time fee to gain the legal right to use a composer's music.

The term royalty-free is confusing, however, it simply means 'free of royalties'. Note that this does not mean it is free of costs! This just means that once you acquire the music, you are not required to pay royalty fees for using it.

On the other side of things - if you are a composer or producer, and you sell your music to a royalty-free site, you thereby give up your right to receive any royalties from your music purchased or downloaded by others from those sites. It is always important to review the terms of service for any site to which you are selling your music in order to avoid any confusion about how your song is being used. 




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