Can You Collect Publishing Income When My Beats Are Used By Another Artist?

ISRCs are much more helpful in this case.

When you ask us to trace a sound recording back to one of your tracks, we are looking for an International Standard Recording Code (ISRC). It is usually assigned by distributors, and is unique to a specific recording. The ISRC is used to monitor your song’s metadata across digital platforms like Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. 

If you released your beat as a song through a distributor, it would be assigned an ISRC. A new recording that contains your beat would have an entirely separate ISRC. 

As a producer, you need to share the details of every song made with your beat in order for us to collect your publishing royalties. That includes each recording’s ISRC, title, writer(s), and song splits

It is important that you come to an agreement with anyone using your beats so that you will be able to establish who is entitled to publishing royalties, how they’re split, and how the song should be registered. 

If another musician is using your beats without your permission, we recommend consulting a legal professional.

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