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Can I Use Songtradr If I Am With Songtrust?

Yes - Any Songtrust client is free to use Songtradr.

As a Songtrust client, you can use Songtradr, however, you must add Songtrust as the publishing copyright owner for any songs we currently administer that will be put onto Songtradr. The reason you have to do this is because Songtradr has a consent process which sends out an email to any copyright owners, including publishers and co-writers requesting their approval. If no consent is obtained, you can still use Songtradr's content management system (i.e. creating and sharing playlists, housing your catalog), however, your music will not be visible or licensable in the marketplace until all owners accept the listing. So in short, if you do not add Songtrust as the copyright owner we will not be able to accept the listing, thus the songs will not be visible or licensable.


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