What Are Common Mistakes Creators Make When Registering Music?

Each Step is Important

Proper registration of your songs is very important because Performing Rights Organizations (PROs) and Collective Management Organization (CMOs) rely on this information to determine the royalties you are owed each pay period. Here are 2 common mistakes you might encounter when registering a song, along with their solutions: 

  1. Songwriting Splits: Disputes regarding split percentages are a common issue that can arise between songwriters and PROs. Incorrect split information may result in the right holders’ royalties being withheld or paid inaccurately. These disagreements could damage creative relationships with co-writers and co-composers. To avoid these disputes, all of the parties involved in the composition process should agree on splits before beginning the registration process. Split percentages should add up to 100%. We also offer a free publishing split sheet template.

    Please Note: Each writer, or composer, should list their PRO and publisher (if applicable). 
  2. Songwriter Information: Your full legal name, Interested Party Information (IPI) number, and publisher information should be listed correctly on your registration to avoid conflicts and disputes. (Note: Your full legal name must be used for song registration, even if you perform under a different moniker or stage name.) If you submit any incorrect information on your registration, the PROs and CMOs may be unable to payout your royalties. 

Check out this video to watch a demonstration on how to properly register your songs on the Songtrust Platform. 

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