How Do I Decide on Splits?

Everything is negotiable.

When you compose/write a song without any help, you automatically own 100% of its copyright. There is no need to register it with the U.S Copyright Office; your work is automatically protected under copyright law the minute it is in a fixed, tangible form like a tape recording or CD. 

If you work with a co-writer, producer, or team, everything is negotiable. Co-writers often split publishing 50/50 or 33/33/34, for instance. Or a producer might take anywhere from 10% to 50% as part of a deal with you. 

Whatever the case may be, it’s better to get an agreement in writing early on in the process than to argue about your assumptions later. Songtrust has prepared a split sheet template for this very purpose. Once you’ve reached a consensus on co-writing credits, you can register your songs and begin collecting.


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