What is an IPI Number?

Think of it as a social security number for songwriters & music publishers.

An IPI (or Interested Party Information) number is assigned to songwriters and publishers by their Performing Rights Organization (PRO) to uniquely identify them as international rights holders. It is usually between nine and 11 digits. If you are already affiliated with a PRO, you’ll need to share your IPI with Songtrust so that we can properly manage your publishing.

Ask your PRO if you can’t find your IPI number. You should be able to find it when you log into your PRO account and see something like this:



Please note: IPIs are sometimes referred to as CAE numbers. This stands for the French phrase Compositeur, Auteur, and Editeur (Composer, Author, and Publisher). A small number of international PROs may assign both an IPI and CAE number, although this is extremely rare.

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