How Many Songwriters Can I List on My Song?

There is no limit to the number of songwriters you can add to a song in your account.

Anytime you add a song into your Songtrust account, you must include the full list of songwriters who contributed to the composition of your song in the registration, regardless if your co-writers are Songtrust clients or outside writers.

You must also determine song splits – the percentage out of 100% that each writer owns of the copyright – in advance of each song registration. Once you have agreed on splits, get it in writing and make sure the splits add up to 100% exactly. That way, once it comes time to register the song, you know exactly who to include in the registration as well as what shares to allocate to them. We always recommend using a split sheet so it is clear to each songwriter how much they are entitled to. This also makes adding the songs into your account or with your Performing Rights Organization (PRO) much easier, as you can rely on the split sheet for the full shares instead of having to contact each writer. 

If you need help adding a songwriter, watch our Adding A Songwriter Demo.


Interested in learning more? Check out our blog post, "Understanding Split Sheets and Lyric Sheets."  


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