Who is Considered an Outside Writer When Adding Songs to My Songtrust Account?

There are two types of writers whose information you’ll add.

If you aren’t the sole writer of all the songs you register with us, you’ll need to register two types of writers to ensure we’re able to register and collect on your songs with all our sources.

The first — and most important — is the client writer, or “Songtrust Writer” in your account. This will be you, or any other writers whose rights you are employed to administer via your Songtrust account. We use this songwriter information to register and collect for the compositions you register with us.

The second type of writer you will register is an uncontrolled, or “Outside Writer.” These writers are any co-writers whose publishing you are not administering via your own Songtrust account. We do not register these songwriters’ shares of the songs or collect for them, but we need this information to confirm ownership with our collection partners.

Please note: if you have co-writers who are also Songtrust clients, but who have separate accounts - that is, you aren’t also administering their shares through your own account - you will enter them as an “Outside Writer.” In this case, you should also reach out to us via our support form so that we can expedite registering the shares in both of your accounts.

Say you’re co-writing with a friend, and want us to administer only your 50% share. You would register your song as follows:

Song Title: “My Song”

Your Name (Songtrust Writer, 50%)

  • Songtrust will handle your song registrations with PROs and other global pay sources, and we will collect publishing royalties for your share and distribute them to you.

Your Co-Writer’s Name (Outside Writer, 50%)

  • Songtrust will not handle song registrations for this writer’s share with PROS or any other sources, and will not be collecting any royalties for this writer’s share.
  • If your Co-Writer is a Songtrust client, but has an account separate to yours, you’ll enter her as an Outside Writer then notify Songtrust Support so we can update both accounts simultaneously.


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