Do I Need to Add My Name as a Songwriter After I Open a Songtrust Account?

It’s the first thing you should do if you’re managing your own royalties.

Songtrust lets its users manage and collect royalties for as many writers as they’d like — including themselves. To add a songwriter to your account, follow the step-by-step instructions in our demo video here. You can start adding details from the songwriter’s catalog as soon as that’s sorted. 

While you should add as much information as possible about any “outside writers” you work with as well, please remember that Songtrust does not collect royalties for them. Outside writers merely own a percentage of certain songs you shared with us; letting us know about them helps ensure the accuracy of song registrations with our partners. 

You’ll earn royalties based on the ownership of any Songtrust writers in your account. This doesn’t change if you or other writers you manage have their own publishing company with their PRO - Songtrust will collect publisher share of performance for you and your account songwriters regardless.

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