What is a Personal Publishing Entity?

Also known as a "Vanity Publisher"

If you affiliated yourself as a writer with your Performing Rights Organization (PRO), you may have noticed that you have the option to affiliate as a publisher as well. As a publisher, you may want to set up your own publishing entity with your PRO. A “personal publishing entity” is just a name you assign to the publishing “company” you already “own” as a publisher of your works, and affiliate with your PRO just like you affiliate yourself as a writer. There are a few reasons to create a personal publishing entity, and a few key things to note when you’re deciding whether or not doing so is right for you.

Pro Tip: If you are using Songtrust, it is not necessary to create your own personal publishing entity. Songtrust will act as your publisher if you do not have one. 


 If you do decide you want one, the following things should be taken into consideration:

  • Your society may charge a fee for you to create and affiliate a publishing entity. For example, BMI charges $150 for an entity owned by an individual, and ASCAP charges $50 (it is worth noting that there is also a $50 charge to affiliate as a writer with ASCAP, and no charge to affiliate as a writer with BMI).
  • In the US, you can not collect your publisher’s share at a different society from where you are affiliated as a writer. For example, if you are affiliated as a writer with BMI, you need to create your publishing entity at BMI as well. However, in other countries, this is not the case. So, for example, if you are affiliated with PRS as a writer, you can affiliate your personal publishing entity with another society, such as BMI. 

If you want to be a publisher on behalf of writers other than yourself, you will need to have your own publishing entity/entities in order to collect the publisher’s share on behalf of those writers (again. this is something that Is not necessary with Songtrust, as we do this on your behalf).

Songtrust does not affiliate publishing companies, so this is something you would need to do outside of the Songtrust account. If you do end up getting one, please let us know in the chat box so we can get it connected properly to your account. If you are using Songtrust, setting up your own personal publishing entity will not increase the amount of royalties you will collect.

Interested in learning more? Check out our blog post on Publishing Entities. 


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