Why do I Need Songtrust?

To collect all the publishing royalties your songs earn globally.

Songtrust gives independent and unpublished songwriters the ability to collect worldwide publishing royalties with a professional administration network.

For unpublished songwriters (along with their managers, lawyers, and record labels), the collection of global publishing royalties is daunting, expensive, and time-consuming. With Songtrust's international network of collection agencies, we do all the hard work for you.

Even if you're already affiliated with a Performing Rights Organization (PRO), and/or have your own publishing company, you may still be missing out on many other royalty types and territories. We help you collect mechanical and international royalties directly. We also help you manage your current PRO’s catalog to more accurately collect performance royalties, as well as oversee other songwriters and collect all of the royalties your songs earn.

At what point are you ready to add a publishing administrator like Songtrust to your team...?


For more on what a publishing administrator can potentially do for your career, check out our post on the Top 10 Reasons You Need Songtrust


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