What Kinds Of Royalties Do My Songs Generate?

There are quite a few.

Songtrust registers your original compositions with global pay sources and collection societies so that you can start earning the following royalties:

Performance Royalties

Generated by the public performance or broadcast of a musical work. The term “public performance” may refer to playing a song on a radio or television station, in a bar or nightclub, or at a live concert venue. Streams on services like Spotify or Deezer also earn performance royalties, as do audiovisual productions like television shows and movies, whether streaming or broadcast.

Mechanical Royalties

Generated by the reproduction of your work in a digital or physical (CDs, vinyl, cassette tapes) format. While its roots are in the humble piano roll, the modern definition of mechanical reproductions may also include such unconventional outlets as ringtones, karaoke recordings, and interactive greeting cards. Streams on services like Spotify or Deezer also earn mechanical royalties.

Micro-Sync Royalties 

Generated by audiovisual works on major streaming platforms. For example, a monetized YouTube video will generate both performance and mechanical royalties because it’s both a digital reproduction and a public performance, though different video streaming platforms may refer to these rights using different terms.

Lyric Royalties

Generated when lyrics are used in addition to music or in isolation. This includes lyric sites like Genius, as well as features on social platforms like Instagram that play lyrics along with a song in a post.

Printed Music Royalties

Generated from sheet music, which can take the form of a physical or digital print and feature notation details and/or lyrics.


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