What Kinds Of Publishing Royalties Do My Songs Generate?

Songtrust can help you collect all of the different royalties your song can generate.

Songtrust registers your original compositions correctly and comprehensively with collection societies around the world so that you can start collecting royalties on that music in the following forms:

  1. Public Performance Royalties - Generated from the public performance of your song (such as a live performance or radio broadcast)
  2. Mechanical Royalties - Generated from the copying of your song (such as CD's and digital downloads).
  3. Synchronization Royalties - Generated from your song being paired with video or motion picture.
  4. Foreign Sub-Publishing - Generated from sources outside your country.
  5. Printed Music Royalties - Generated from printed sheet music.

Note - Streams on platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music generate both mechanical and performance royalties.


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