Where Can I Get a Mechanical License?

This varies from country to country!

Mechanical licenses are only required for physical and digital download sales (and only in certain countries). For example, musicians don’t need a mechanical license to cover a song live since a live performance is not considered a reproduction of the song.

If you are in the USA or Canada, you can obtain a license a few ways - you can go directly to the publisher who controls that work (for example, Songtrust), you can get one through various online sites, such as Songfile or Easy Song Licensing, or you can get one through the US mechanical license society, the Harry Fox Agency.


Mechanical licenses are most commonly used for cover songs or new recordings of copyrighted songs. For example, if you distribute a physical recording of you playing an Adele song (such as a CD), even if you use only a portion of that song, in most territories you would still need a mechanical license.


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