Do You Collect From Digital and Physical Sales?

Yes - we collect payment for CD sales, digital downloads, streams.

Songtrust collects digital and physical sales that result from your album release. If your song is purchased via CD sale or digital download, a mechanical royalty is generated that we collect and pay to our songwriters.

In order to collect royalties from sales, a mechanical license must be requested by whoever is reproducing or distributing your music - such as a label printing CDs for distribution, or a streaming service like Spotify. If they do not obtain a mechanical license or do not pay the license fee, we will not be able to collect royalties. 

The below diagram shows how mechanical royalties are created and paid:

Mechanical Royalty Flow Chart (1)


In addition, digital streams generate both mechanical royalties and performance royalties, so we will also collect on your streams from digital service providers like Spotify and Apple Music.



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