What is Songtrust?

We're a global publishing administrator. We register songs on behalf of our songwriters/publishers with 40+ PROs, mechanical collection societies, and digital services worldwide in order to collect their publishing royalties generated around the world. We have a YouTube Monitor that scrapes YouTube for videos that may be using your music, whether the video uses a recording of the song or it's a live or cover video. There is a one-time $100 fee per writer, and we keep a 15% commission on all royalties collected. We do not take any sync rights, so you are free to procure any sync opportunities as you see fit and keep 100% of any upfront fees you negotiate for those uses. We can negotiate and paper incoming sync deals on your behalf for our 15% commission, but that is not necessary if you're comfortable doing it yourself. Our agreement is on a song-by-song basis, so you can register as many or as few songs with us as you'd like, and the term in just 1 year. After that, you may cancel at any time and all rights revert back to you.