Can Songtrust Collect My YouTube Royalties?

Yes - we do this through YouTube's Content ID System.

Songtrust offers YouTube monetization on behalf of your compositions as part of our worldwide publishing administration services. 

Upon registration, you are automatically opted-in to YouTube monetization. Just note that Songtrust can only help monetize your compositions. If you own your sound recordings (masters), you'll need a distributor/label/a third party to help monetize those on your behalf.

Once you add songs into your account with at least one ISRC, we then automatically deliver them to YouTube's Content ID system. YouTube Content ID uses the provided metadata to scan uploaded videos for matching content. When a match is found (i.e when YouTube locates a video that matches the metadata we have provided), YouTube automatically claims the video for us.  

If you do come across any videos (with 10,000 views or more) that are using your music and we have not already claimed, please submit them in the Manual Claims section of your Youtube Monitor. These claims are then reviewed and confirmed by the Songtrust team once they have met the monetization eligibility requirements. 


PRO TIP: If you have your YouTube channel, we highly suggest you join the YouTube Partner Program and add your channel to your YouTube Monitor. This will allow you to monetize your own uploaded content without having to go through Songtrust. We will still claim any videos on other users' channels, provided that they do not have a proper agreement with you in place.


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