What If My Song Is Used In An Audiovisual Work?

Understanding the difference between sync licenses and performance royalties

Synchronization rights — and all of their attendant licenses and fees — are not handled by Songtrust. However, our role as a music publishing administrator means we often receive these requests, and end up forwarding them directly to our clients. 

We also track audiovisual (e.g., film or TV) performance royalties that are earned within our agreement. When your work is licensed for use by an outside party, we register your work to the proper societies so they can collect your royalties. After adding the work to your Songtrust account, please use our Support Form to submit a ticket with the song title and name of the production so we can ensure the work is registered within the 9-month collection window for sync royalties. You can find this form by logging into your account and finding the link on your client dashboard.

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