What if My Song is Used in a Film/TV/Advertisement or Other Audio-Visual Work?

What to do when you get a sync placement

Before reaching out to Songtrust, there are two important things to keep in mind:

Songtrust can only track sync placements that occur within our agreement. That means we are unable to track royalties for any sync that licensed or aired before you signed up with Songtrust.

The window for collecting sync royalties is 6-9 months for all types of media. Even if a sync occurred after signing up with us, if it aired longer than 6-9 months ago, the window for collecting backend sync royalties has passed and can no longer be collected.


If your work is licensed for use in an audio-visual work and meets these criteria, we will submit information about the use to societies so they can collect performance royalties. Please reach out to us via our Support Form with the relevant information below:



  • Copy of the cue sheet from the production company who licensed the music (if you have it), and/or;
  • Contact information for the licensee
  • Title(s) of song(s) used
  • Name of television show and episode number
  • Station/DSP (Broadcast TV or streaming)
  • First air date
  • Territory

For European uses, we need:

  • Foreign Language titles & video files (if applicable)


If your song is used in a commercial or advertisement, please see our article on Syncs for Ads/Commercials. 

There are multiple variables used to determine the royalty payout for commercials, such as broadcast on national or local television, the channel of broadcast (network, cable) the nature and length of the use of the song in the commercial, whether or not there is voiceover on top of the music, the time of day the commercial is broadcast (primetime, afternoon, middle of the night), etc. These factors can greatly affect the performance measurement, so it's difficult to estimate exactly how much a placement in an advertisement will earn. Further, many societies are not currently monitoring or paying out on internet commercial usages - please note that only ads on broadcast TV generate sync royalties. Ads that air on streaming services (like Hulu, for example) do not generate sync royalties.




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