What Are Sync Royalties?

Synchronization royalties are paid for the use of copyrighted music in audiovisual productions, such as in DVDs, TV, movies, advertisements, and video games.

In other words, a video producer must get your permission to use your music along with moving images of any kind. The permission is granted to them via a Sync License, which you or your publishing representative (Songtrust) negotiates with the video producer.

With sync royalties, you are often going to negotiate an upfront fee for the use, in addition to royalties generated from residual use, which occurs when the audiovisual work with your song is use. For example, if your song is synced in a commercial, you could get an upfront payment of $500 and then earn additional royalties for each time the commercial is played or viewed.

Songtrust does not pitch or pursue sync deals, but we are able to administer them if you are offered one. So, if you need help navigating a new sync deal, reach out to us using the chatbox!