How do I Register A song if I Am in a Co-Publishing deal and/or only own a Certain % of My Publishing?

Registering a song in a co-publishing deal is easier than you think!

When adding a song that is in a co-publishing agreement, you should follow the same steps as you would if you were registering a song that you own 100% of your publishing share.

The only difference is that you will have to add yourself as a writer twice - once as a client writer to represent the publishing share you own, and once as an outside writer to represent the publishing share that you do not control.

So for example, lets say I wrote a song called "My Song" and I only owned 50% while Universal owned the other 50%. I would register this work into my account as follows:

 50% - client writer

50% - outside writer

It is important you first check your agreement to make sure you maintain administration control of your publishing share before adding the song into your account. It is not uncommon to sign a co-publishing deal where you maintain a share of the publishing, however, you have given up all administrative rights for that share. If you give up administrative rights, you cannot enter that song into an administration agreement with Songtrust. 


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