Why Is Songtrust Listed as Controlling All of My Publishing?

Don’t worry; our fee is still just 15%.

When you sign up with Songtrust, you are giving us the right to collect publishing royalties on your behalf. This means that Performing Rights Organizations (PROs) and other collection societies will pay us your publisher’s share directly, with the assurance that we will pass it onto you. 

When your PRO lists us as your publisher — controlling 100% of your publisher’s share rather than just 15% — it’s merely reflecting the fact that Songtrust handles collection for 100% of your publishing royalties. This does not mean we now own your publishing; any royalties we receive on your behalf are passed onto you, minus our 15% commission. 

We can’t register your work without Songtrust being listed as your publisher. This is because PROs and other parties need to know who your current administrator is. If our agreement is ever terminated, 100% of your publishing rights will revert back to you, and Songtrust will be removed from all the registrations at your PRO in favor of your new publisher, once they register your works.

For more information on how publishing works, check out our detailed blog post here.


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