What is BIEM, and What Does It Mean For Me?

The International Bureau of companies managing registration and mechanical Reproduction rights.

BIEM is the international organization representing mechanical rights societies. Mechanical rights societies exist in most countries. They license the reproduction of works (including musical, literary and dramatic works). You can find your country's mechanical rights society here and the royalties they collect here.

BIEM represents 55 societies, from 58 countries. Members of BIEM enter into agreements to allow each of them to represent the others' repertoire of protected works. In this way, a BIEM society is able to license users for the vast majority of songs in the world.

BIEM writers can have an adjusted mechanical royalty rate that is to be collected by the publisher depending on where you are affiliated. You can find out which societies BIEM is associated with here. If you are a BIEM writer, please feel free to reach out to us in the chat box so we can discuss your personal rates with you.