What is an Art Track on YouTube and Can You Monetize Them?

You bet we can!

You Tube Art Track

An Art Track is an official, label-sanctioned version of a sound recording on YouTube. It’s automatically generated when a single or album is released, and always consists of the recording’s ISRC, release artwork, and key metadata details like its title, artist name, and the underlying composition’s copyright holders. 

As long as we have the ISRC info for the song used in an Art Track, we can automatically claim its video for you. If you do not want us to claim it, just make sure to allowlist the link of the channel that the video is on within your Songtrust account.

Lastly, like any other YouTube video, Art Tracks are monetized via ads, but they must meet YouTube’s monetization requirements before ads can be placed on them.

YouTube Tool Update - 11/21/2023: Songtrust has recently removed the functionality to manually claim YouTube videos within our app. This is because when you opt into YouTube monetization, we deliver all your songs, along with ISRC information, to YouTube’s Content ID System automatically. As part of our ongoing efforts to improve the dashboard experience, we found that manually claiming videos only created duplicate records in our system. You can be confident that videos that qualify to be monetized are already being claimed on your behalf.

To learn more about YouTube’s monetization thresholds and eligibility, click here.

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