Can I Request the Removal of an Entire YouTube Channel?

Make your way over to your YouTube Tool.

You can allowlist (formerly referred to as “whitelisting”) as many YouTube channels as you’d like by adding them in the “channel settings” section under YouTube in your Songtrust account. This means we will not claim any videos on that channel. If you want us to remove a channel from allowlisting — and start monetizing videos on it — you can also delete it from that section.

If you would like a specific video claim removed, or an entire video taken off YouTube, please use our Support Form to submit a ticket and reach our Client Services Team. You can find this form by logging into your account and finding the link on your client dashboard. Please note, we cannot request the removal of an entire YouTube channel, however.

YouTube Tool Update - 11/21/2023: Songtrust has recently removed the functionality to manually claim YouTube videos within our app. This is because when you opt into YouTube monetization, we deliver all your songs, along with ISRC information, to YouTube’s Content ID System automatically. As part of our ongoing efforts to improve the dashboard experience, we found that manually claiming videos only created duplicate records in our system. You can be confident that videos that qualify to be monetized are already being claimed on your behalf.

To learn more about YouTube’s monetization thresholds and eligibility, click here.

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