What if I Am Having Trouble Adding My Songwriter?

Trouble adding a songwriter

When you add songwriters to your Songtrust account, we are verifying that they are valid through various Performing Rights Organization (PRO) databases. You can see how to add a songwriter into your account by watching this video.

Sometimes, the songwriter's information is formatted differently, and isn't recognized. This can block you from adding that songwriter to your account temporarily. Not to worry!

Things to try:

  1. Double check all the information you are using is exactly what shows at the PRO. This includes both the full name and IPI for the songwriter. If anything is added or omitted, you will get an error when trying to add them into your account
  2. Make sure you take out any '00's in the beginning of your IPI number. 
  3. Switch around the names that you are using.
  4. If you are using personal publishing entity information, try taking that out. If the writer is added, then just send us the publishing entity information over via our Support Form, and we'll add that information for you via the back end.
  5. If nothing is working, just send us all of the information that you are using over via our Support Form, and someone will be happy to assist you.


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