How Is Registering A Song In My Songtrust Account Different From Registering One In My BMI Account?

BMI uses a 200% scale, while Songtrust uses a 100% scale.

As you may have noticed, Songtrust operates on a 100% scale for song splits, while BMI operates on a 200% scale. This is because BMI allocates 100% for the writer's share and 100% for the publisher's share.

Songtrust asks that you register the writer's share percentage, only. Why? A songwriter is automatically entitled to a publisher's share that is the same amount as their writer's share unless otherwise agreed upon by the writers.

So, for example, let's say that I wrote a song by myself, and I am self-published, meaning that I do not have a publishing entity.

On BMI, I would register the song as Asia Smulders - 200%. This is because I have full ownership of both the writer's and publisher's share.

For that same song, I would add it in my Songtrust account as Asia Smulders - 100%. Songtrust would automatically recognize the publisher's share based on the writer's share.

So now, let's say that I had a publishing entity through BMI called "Asia Smulders Publishing".

To register it on BMI, I would enter Asia Smulders - 100% and Asia Smulders Publishing - 100% in their respective writer/publisher fields.

On Songtrust, I would still register it as Asia Smulders - 100%. This is why it is important to include your publishing entity in your Songtrust account. 

A good rule of thumb when entering BMI information into your Songtrust would be to cut everything in half if you do not have a publishing entity setup, and leave the percentage as is if you do have one.

Please note that once you have a Songtrust account, you should be entering your songs in your Songtrust account, and not also with your Performing Rights Organization (PRO). We will then send these registrations to your PRO and other royalty collection societies to be registered on your behalf.

If your publisher's share is a different percentage than your writer's share, then please let us know via our Support Form so we can assist you with adding this song into your account. 


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