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How Do I Submit A Setlist Through ASCAP?

Learn how to navigate its OnStage platform.

ASCAP members are directed to its ASCAP OnStage landing page whenever they add setlists to their accounts. Members who receive direct deposit royalties can submit live performances via its Member Access portal. Once this data is processed, royalties are distributed to songwriters and publishers based upon the venue’s license fee


The only exception to this rule is classical events; they are not supported by ASCAP Onstage. Here’s how the platform works for all other U.S. performances. 

Step One: Sign Up For Direct Deposit 

Direct deposit is a prerequisite for submitting set lists to ASCAP. This is separate from Songtrust’s payment system, and must be done in your ASCAP account by selecting “Payment Information” from the “Profile” section on the left-hand side.

Step Two: Create a Setlist

ASCAP OnStage’s “Setlists” section is used to identify and archive each song you’ve performed. To get started, click “Add +” and enter a name for your setlist. (If you played the same setlist throughout an entire tour, you can input it once and reuse it for multiple shows.) Now click “Add +” in the "Works" section and check the box to the left of each work you performed. Once you’ve selected all your songs, click “Add to Setlist” at the bottom of the page. 

Please note: Songs must be registered with ASCAP before adding them to a setlist.

Step Three: Submit Your Performances 

Once you’ve finished your first setlist, you can enter the details for another performance by expanding the “Performances” section and clicking “Add +”. On the next screen, you can search for venues by name. Most will automatically match; if not, you can manually enter its information. Once a venue is selected, fill in the “Performance Info” section. In the “Music Performed” section, choose your saved setlist from the dropdown menu.

Step Four: Get Paid

Once you’ve submitted your setlist, ASCAP will review it and your performance for payment.