How Do I Register a Song That Uses My Beat Into My Songtrust Account?

Don't just register your beat as its own song into your account.

You should not just add the beat as its own individual song into your Songtrust account. If you do this, we will not be able to track and collect royalties for the various new songs that were created using your beat. This is because if you released your beat through a distributor, it would be assigned an ISRC. However, if someone then used that beat to make an entirely new song (as what is happening when you sell a beat off Beatstars) that new recording/song would have an entirely separate ISRC assigned to it, and this code will be completely unrelated to the original one you have for the beat itself.

In order to make sure we can properly register and collect for each new recording that is made using your beats, you will have to register each newly released recording as it's own individual song in your account and include all metadata associated with that new song (writers, splits, etc).

Even though you made the beat, often times the artist releasing the song will also be entitled to a portion of the publishing of this new song. If this is the case, you will have to include them in song registration when you add it to your account.

As a producer or beatmaker, it is really important to make sure that within your contract or agreement, you require that the artist who is releasing the song that uses your beat has to provide you with the relevant metadata (name of the released song, as well as recording info/ISRC) before they release the song so that you can properly register it and we can start tracking the use of that specific song on various streaming platforms.

We understand that it can be hard for producers/beatmakers to keep track of artist names since oftentimes so many people are buying your beats. To simplify this process, you can add an option of 'UNKNOWN WRITER' into your account, so that when you do register the song, you can register a % to yourself and a % to the unknown writer/artist who owns part of the new song. If you do know the name of the artist releasing the song, you can add them instead of an unknown writer.

If you are unsure of how to add songs that use your beats, please reach out to us via our Support Form and we will be happy to help you figure it out.


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