Does Songtrust Handle Licensing Opportunities From Harry Fox Agency (HFA) and Music Reports Inc. (MRI)?

We’re in a constant battle for the very best rates.

The next time Music Reports (MRI) or The Harry Fox Agency (HFA) sends you a licensing notice, you don’t have to take any action - and you can rest easy knowing that Songtrust always negotiates the best possible rates with our pay source partners. That goes whether we’re choosing to opt in to their licenses or to bypass HFA and MRI entirely in favor of a direct deal with a Digital Service Provider (DSP) or via the National Music Publishers Association (NMPA). 

This means fewer parties take a potential cut of your earnings, and we ensure we’re getting the most advantageous rates for our clients. Our size, and the relative scale of our catalog, means we’re also able to tackle the terms of multiple territories at one time. In fact, DSPs often reach out to us before other small, independent music publishers because of our commitment to transparency, fair deals, and detailed metadata.

One final note: HFA and MRI’s licensing opportunities often cover only mechanical licenses, whereas we try to land performance licenses as much as possible. This further increases the potential earnings of our clients — even more so since we do not take a percentage of your writer’s share, even when we register the songs with performance sources.

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