Does Songtrust Make Sure I Am Opted Into Any New Licensing Opportunities From Harry Fox Agency (HFA) or Music Reports Inc. (MRI)?

Songtrust is always making sure that you are covered for new music licenses.

Yes! Songtrust clients are automatically opted into the best deal that Songtrust has negotiated. Sometimes this will be through the services royalty administrator's offer, such as the Harry Fox Agency (HFA), but more often than not we are able to do a direct deal with the platform/source/digital service provider (DSP) or through the NMPA, bypassing HFA. This is great for our clients, as it means less parties are involved / taking a cut of the your earnings from the various licenses.

In addition, generally HFA/NMPA/MRI/etc offers are USA focused. In almost all cases, given our size and scale of catalog, we are able to get as good if not better terms for multiple territories simultaneously. DSPs often come to us first before going to other smaller independent music publishers because of our commitment to transparency, fair dealing, and good metadata.

Lastly, HFA/MRI licensing opportunities often only cover mechanical licenses, whereas we, Songtrust, will also try to do direct performance licenses as much as possible further increase the earnings of our clients (note: we do not take a percentage of the writers share at this time).

You can be sure that Songtrust is constantly making sure that you are covered for new music licenses, as long as we can come to an agreement on fair rates and terms that come out, whether that's via HFA or another organization we work directly with.


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