Can I Join From Any Country?

We’ve got you covered no matter where you are.

Songtrust’s administrative services cover 90%-95% of the music publishing market. By signing up for Songtrust, you access one of the world’s most extensive global registration networks, covering more than 98% of the global music market.

Please note: If you are already affiliated with a Performing Rights Organization (PRO) or Collective Management Organization (CMO) that is not associated with Songtrust, we will not be able to register your works or collect royalties on your behalf from this specific society directly, you will need to do so independently of Songtrust. However, we can register and collect any royalties you earn in the territories it is earning in that we are operational with. For a list societies Songtrust is directly associated with, click here.   

If you have questions about how PROs and other pay sources work with Songtrust, please check out this blog post, contact our team here, or check out our Global Royalty Collection Network.

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