Can I Join From Any Country?

Yes, we accept everyone!

Songtrust's collection covers 90-95% of the music publishing market. By using Songtrust, you access one of the most extensive global publishing collection services. We register with 42+ societies and have collected from 296 territories.

Check out these materials to learn more:

Territory List

PRO / Society List

Direct Digital Collection List

It should be noted, however, that if you are already affiliated with a PRO is not listed on our PRO/Society list, we will not be able to collect the royalties in your home country, as that society would supersede our claim. We would be able to collect from all PRO's and territories contained in these links. If you have not affiliated yet, however, we have a deal with SOCAN that will allow us to affiliate you with them for collection.

If you have questions about how your PRO works with Songtrust, please utilize out chat box!