Can I Affiliate With PRS When I Sign Up for Songtrust?

It takes an extra step to do so.

No, you can not affiliate with PRS through your Songtrust account. However, that doesn't mean you can't affiliate with PRS if that is the Peforming Rights Organization (PRO) of your choice. We can work with any PRS writer, we just can't help you affiliate with them!

PRS requires members to affiliate with them directly. If you’re already a PRS member, you can simply just enter your information by choosing 'Yes, they are already affiliated' when adding a songwriter into your account. You will then be prompted to add your name and IPI# to get set up in your Songtrust account.

If you are not affiliated with a PRO yet, Songtrust offers IMRO affiliation to our non-US/Canadian citizen clients. However, if you would like to affiliate with PRS, that's okay too!

To affiliate with PRS, you must do so separately from your Songtrust account (you can directly access the PRS website). Once you are assigned an IPI# by them, let us know in the chat box. We will send a Letter of Direction to PRS stating that we will now administer your publishing on your behalf and you will be all set.

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