Why Shouldn't I Just Manage My Own Publishing?

Collecting all your royalties is both difficult and time-consuming

For any songwriter/manager/lawyer, the process of efficiently collecting publishing royalties can be daunting. There are dozens of global collection societies to contact, endless paperwork, high expenses, and confusing jargon. Songtrust makes this process easy with a one-stop digital publishing administration service. By signing with Songtrust, you get automatic access to the various global collection societies that you wouldn't have otherwise.

With Songtrust, you have the benefit of professional management of your intellectual property without giving away any ownership of your songs or signing a long-term contract. Beyond that, we also work hard to negotiate and license with digital services (like Spotify, Amazon, Youtube, Facebook/Instagram and many more) that you likely wouldn't be able to negotiate with on your own, earning you more money.

Songtrust will handle your song registration, administration, and royalty collection at a fraction of what it would cost to do it yourself - both in money and time.


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