Why Are There Duplicate Registrations Showing Up At My Performing Rights Society (PRO) & What Can I Do About It?

Duplicate registrations are not uncommon at PROs and can be easily corrected

Sometimes your Performing Rights Organization (PRO) will accidentally create duplicate registrations for the same song, so you will see it in your PRO portal twice. This can happen for a number of reasons, however, it is a very easy fix and just requires a simple merge request.

Duplicate registrations are typically caused by the same work being registered by both the writer and Songtrust. Please be sure to register new works ONLY at Songtrust; we’ll take care of sending them to your PRO on your behalf. To merge existing duplicate registrations, please reach out to BMI (reviseworks@bmi.com) or ASCAP (through the “Messages” section of your Member account) to inform them of your agreement with Songtrust and provide them with a list of titles to merge with Songtrust’s registrations.

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