What's the Difference Between Songtrust and Tunecore Publishing?

Songtrust is the premier music publishing administrator.

Tunecore specializes in distribution, not music publishing - it is a digital distribution platform that offers publishing as an additional service that clients may opt-into for an additional fee.

Tunecore relies on relationships with sub-publishers in many international territories, meaning there is another party registering your works (extending the registration process) and taking a fee out of your royalties. Although their commission is the same as ours, you are actually losing more of your royalties to 3rd party sub-publishers. We have a worldwide network of direct affiliations with Performing Rights Organizations (PRO's) and mechanical societies which allow us to collect your royalties more quickly and accurately directly from the territory in which they were generated.

Finally, TuneCore takes exclusive sync rights in their agreement. We require no sync rights, and you are free to procure placements as you please and keep 100% of any upfront fees you negotiate. 


  • Pricing: One-time, $100 registration fee. You keep 85% of royalties earned around the world.
  • Royalty Collection Reach: 150+ countries and territories around the world, the largest collection network in the industry.
  • Royalty Types: Mechanical and performance.
  • Barrier to Entry: None - anyone who has released music can become a client of Songtrust. 
  • Collects from YouTube: Yes.
  • Minimum Term Length: One year.
  • Pricing: $75 upfront fee (separate from their distribution fee), and they keep 15% of the music publishing royalties they collect. 
  • Royalty Collection Reach: 65 territories.
  • Royalty Types: Mechanical and performance.
  • Barrier to Entry: None.
  • Collects from YouTube: Yes.
  • Minimum Term Length: One year.


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