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What's the Difference Between Songtrust and Audiam?

Songtrust is a 1-stop shop for global publishing administration.

Songtrust collects your performance, mechanical, and YouTube composition royalties and offers a suite of other advanced tools for handling your publishing catalog.

Audiam only collects mechanical royalties and handles YouTube monetization. (If you are using Audiam for YouTube monetization on behalf of your sound recordings only, you can––and should––use Songtrust as well.)

Songtrust takes a 15% commission and allows you to opt out of collection on your own YouTube channel. Songtrust also has a more extensive global reach, with direct relationships to collection societies in 150+ foreign territories.

Audiam takes a 25% commission on third-party-content claims.

Learn more about why Songtrust is still neccessary even if you use Audiam.


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