What Types of YouTube Videos Does Songtrust Pay Me For?

Any clips that meet YouTube's monetization requirements.

Songtrust automatically delivers all of your ISRC information to YouTube’s Content ID system. This enables us to automatically claim monetizable videos on your behalf without needing a link every time a new clip is uploaded.

Please note that Content ID sometimes has trouble detecting certain types of videos. This most commonly happens with cover songs or live performances. If you ever come across these kinds of user-generated videos — and they have at least 10,000 views — you can request a manual claim in the YouTube section of your Songtrust Dashboard.

Videos that do not meet YouTube's eligibility requirements cannot be monetized.


PRO TIP: If you have a YouTube channel, we highly suggest joining the YouTube Partner Program. This will help you monetize your own content without having to go through Songtrust. We will still claim any videos on other users’ channels, provided that they do not have a proper agreement with you in place.


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