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What Is The Music Publisher's Association (UK)?

This association addresses issues in the publishing industry.

As well as safeguarding and championing the interests of its members, the Music Publisher's Association (MPA) aims to promote the value of publishing to the wider music industry, creative industry, government, and the general public.

The MPA also owns and operates two commercial businesses:

Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society – MCPS is the UK collection society that licenses mechanical (or reproduction) copyrights on behalf of over 26,000 music publisher and composer members.

Printed Music Licensing Ltd – PMLL represents music publishers to allow UK schools to make copies of printed music.

Collectively, these subsidiary businesses are known as the MPA Group. The MPA offers a number of other commercial functions for music publishers – including our range of widely-used template contracts, our blanket industry agreements, and in our role as the national agent for the dissemination of ISMNs.

You can learn more about the MPA on their website!



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