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What Is CISAC?

Welcome to the world’s leading network of author societies

The International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC) advocates for the rights, interests, and financial independence of creators throughout the world, including those who work in music, drama, literature, and various forms of visual arts. 

CISAC has a code of conduct every member society (such as PROs and CMOs) must follow. Through business, technical and regional committees, it shares knowledge and establishes best practices, helping to uphold the highest standards of operational excellence throughout the industry. 

You can almost think of CISAC as an invisible hand, leading societies down the right path. In its work on global policy and legal affairs, CISAC fights to protect author rights and brings their collective voice to the heart of legislative decisions internationally. CISAC aims to foster a legislative environment that supports the cultural and creative industries, contributing to both cultural diversity and economic growth worldwide.

For more information about CISAC and their contributions to the music industry, please visit their website


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