What is the Difference Between Distribution Royalties and the Money I Collect Through Songtrust?

Songtrust focuses on the composition.

Songtrust is not a distributor like CD Baby or Distrokid. Distributors collect and pay the master recording money earned from downloads and streams in online stores and subscription services like Amazon Music, Spotify, and Apple Music. 

Songtrust collects publishing royalties earned by songwriters - whether or not they are master rightsholders - every time their composition is sold, streamed, or played globally. Songtrust registers and collects royalties domestically, but also from our global network of over 60 sources around the world, covering 98% of the world’s music market.

Below is a diagram that details the revenue collected by Songtrust:

Two Halves of A Song + Composition Breakdown_Purple (1)-png

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