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What Is the Association of Independent Music Publishers?

The AIMP keeps its community informed and engaged all year round.

Songtrust is proud to be a part of the Association of Independent Music Publishers (AIMP). It’s a trade organization led by independent music publishers and many other members of the entertainment industry (e.g., film and television producers, music supervisors, artist managers, even lawyers and accountants). 

According to its mission statement, the AIMP’s “primary focus is to educate and inform music publishers about the most current industry trends and practices by providing a forum for the discussion of the issues and problems confronting [them].” Chief among its stated benefits are the ability to:

  • Expand your knowledge and perspective, and keep abreast of the latest and most important trends through program discussions with experts from all facets of the music industry.
  • Develop new professional relationships.
  • Keep up with new technologies and legislative issues.
  • Vote and participate in the direction and growth of a dynamic organization.
  • Interact with your colleagues in a conducive environment.

Anyone can join the AIMP’s extensive network. Annual dues vary based on membership type. Find out more about the benefits of belonging to AIMP and its various tiers and chapters — including locations in LA, New York, and Nashville — over at its official site


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