What is "Concert" Music?

It’s different from a simple live show.

“Concert” music refers to works performed by symphonic, chamber, opera, choral, wind or electro-acoustic ensembles. It is considered a form of classical music, which can be a tricky category to define when it comes to song registrations and the very different policies of various Performing Rights Organizations (PROs)

For instance, “classical” registrations must meet the following criteria at BMI:

  1. Be an original work written for live classical performance
  2. Be intended for a classical performer or ensemble
  3. Be under a classical license

If you have any questions about how your PRO handles classical music, please feel free to contact us directly. For more information on how the term “classical music” has evolved over the years, check out our Then and Now post here

Interested in learning more? Check out our Help Center article on how to determine whether or not your song is considered classical music. 


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