What Is a Blanket License?

More syncs for your buck.

A blanket license grants an outside entity access to a rightsholder’s entire catalog. They can be issued by a Performing Rights Organization (PRO) or a mechanical rights society. Publishing administrators and organizations like The Mechanical Licensing Collective (The MLC) also issue them to Digital Service Providers (DSPs) and other pay sources. 

Users — typically a TV network, nightclub, or radio station — often pay an annual fee that allows them to use as many licensed songs as they’d like. Music publishers also strike blanket license deals that open their entire catalog, or a limited set of songs, up to a specific outlet (e.g., a film production company) for a set rate. 

For more on how blanket licenses impact radio stations in particular, check out our blog post on What You Didn’t Know About Radio Royalties.


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