What If My Music Is Used in Advertisements/Commercials?

What to do when your music is used for sync

Synced music in commercials and advertisements operates a little differently than standard film/TV. When your music is used in a commercial or advertisement, there are Numerator ad-codes associated with each use. You can obtain Numerator Ad Codes from http://www.numerator.com. Simply create a free Numerator account and search for the commercial on the Numerator website. Please include those ad-codes as alternative titles for the songs licensed for the use. You have the option to include alternative titles when you add your songs.

Depending on the territory in which the advertisement aired, please send us the below information using our Support Form to submit a ticket and reach our Client Services Team. You can find this form by logging into your account and finding the link on your client dashboard.

Within the US 

  • Product/Campaign Name
  • First Airdate of Advertisement
  • Source of Music (link to a website containing your musical work and/or MP3)
  • Numerator Ad Codes 

ASCAP only:

  • Song Registration & Work ID 

BMI only:

  • ISCI Code (Industry Standardized Commercial Identifier) provided by the agency
  • BMI’s Commercial Jingles Data Sheet (https://www.bmi.com/pdfs/commercial_jingle.pdf) Note that on the BMI Commercial Jingle Form, it will ask for ‘Competitrack’ codes - this is now known as Numerator.
  • Copy of Agreement/License 

Outside the US

Please log into your Songtrust account to find our Support Form on your dashboard and submit a ticket to our Client Services Team, as the requirements differ depending on each country. 


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