What if I’m having an issue submitting my W8?

What to do if your tax information is showing as invalid or is voided.

For Foreign TINs on W-8 Forms, we perform validation checks for countries that have published rules for TIN formatting in their country. This includes business or individual entities, the TIN length (a minimum and a maximum number of characters), checksums, and other formatting rules. If the Foreign TIN does not meet the published validation rules, you’ll receive a notification that it may be invalid. Please make sure to check out this link so you can ensure that you are adhering to the correct format for your country. 

Note that special characters and diacritics are not accepted by our system at this time (ex. í, ó, ú, ç, ñ, ã, õ, etc.).

Please note, links to third-party sites are provided purely for informational purposes and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information. These sites are not governed by our artist agreement and privacy policy. Helpful information for non-U.S. taxpayers may be found at the following IRS publications:

Please note that Songtrust is not authorized to offer tax advice and suggests consulting a tax professional about your country’s procedures relating to your publishing income and to answer any of your personal tax questions.

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