What Happens When You Opt Out of YouTube Monetization?

Songtrust clients can opt-out of our direct YouTube collection service.

Since many creators engage with third parties to monetize their music on YouTube, we make it possible for Songtrust clients to opt-out of our direct YouTube collection service. Opting out of YouTube collections does not mean that no claims can be placed on videos using your music. It only means that Songtrust will not place these claims directly. 

Societies around the world have the right - and often the government mandate - to place claims on and collect for YouTube usage of songs in their repertoire, in the absence of another rightsholder. 

This means that if you don’t have a deal with another organization for YouTube collections, societies around the world may claim and collect on your songs when used in YouTube videos in their territory. 

When you sign up for publishing administration, you are giving your administrator and their partners — such as global rights organizations — the right to license and collect on your works around the world.


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