What Are Neighbouring Rights Royalties?

These are different from master or publishing royalties.

Neighbouring Rights are separate from music publishing rights. They represent ownership of a recording and those who were the performers/instrumentalists on a recording.

The revenue is generated from:
-Pandora (or any internet radio platform)
-BBC Radio, Sirius XM (or any satellite radio platform)
-Cable TV music channels
-Terrestrial radio (outside of the USA) **
-Businesses and retailers as background music (ex. restaurants, hotels, etc..)
-Live Clubs and/or any performance venue
-Various new online media

They are collected by neighbouring rights collection societies. the best way for you to start collecting these royalties is to affiliate and register your master recording with each neighboring rights collection society in the territories where your music is being listened to.

This article can help you learn to figure out if you are earning neighboring rights royalties.

Songtrust does not currently collect neighbouring rights royalties.



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