Can I apply to become a member of a PRO through Songtrust?

Find all the answers regarding PRO applications and the recent changes we have made to this part of our service, as of July 2023.

Q. Why is Songtrust no longer offering applications for membership to BMI, ASCAP, & IMRO? 

We offered applications as a complimentary additional feature for our writers due to the fact that membership to a home society and an IPI are necessary to use our service. Moving forward, though, we would like to focus solely on registering songs to ensure our writers receive the royalties they have rightfully earned.  Applications are still readily available on each pay source’s website and can be handled separately from our service.

Q. Can I use Songtrust if I do not have an IPI or if I am not a member of a PRO/CMO? 

No, you or the writers you represent must be a member of a PRO/CMO in order to work with Songtrust. 

Q. How can I apply to become a member of a PRO/CMO? 

Please use this directory to find your home society based on your country of residence and citizenship and become a member. Once you’ve completed that step and have your IPI number, you can proceed with setting up your songwriter in your account by choosing "Yes, I am a member."

Q. I thought applying to a PRO/CMO was part of the $100 sign up fee? 

We charge a one-time fee of $100 per writer to cover song monitoring and admin costs and take a 15% commission on any royalties collected on your behalf. The reason Songtrust needs to charge an up-front registration fee is because we allow everyone to join. We need to make sure that even if a new client never earns any royalties, we cover our costs to get their catalog set up. The PRO applications were a complimentary offering, but we still worked directly with the societies to affiliate writers so moving forward, writers who are not already affiliated will need to go directly to the society and then finish setting up their songwriter with Songtrust.