I'm Having Trouble Resetting my Password

Some troubleshooting advice for common errors that could be stopping you from successfully resetting your password.

  • Occasionally, browsers can save and autofill old passwords. To prevent this, please try moving to a new browser and clearing your cache and cookies in your browser’s privacy settings.
  • Please note that passwords are case sensitive, so remember to retype your password exactly the same way.
  • Make sure you are using the email that is associated with your Songtrust account. If you are unsure, please look in your email inbox for your original Songtrust welcome email.
  • The code you receive via email may take some time to be delivered, so please only click “generate code” once and wait up to a minute to receive the email with your code. Clicking “generate code” numerous times will make previous codes expire.
  • The code is only valid for 30 minutes, though, so make sure you submit the code before this timeline is up.

Our Support team cannot assist any further due to security reasons. Hoping these tips help troubleshoot!


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