Will My Songs Automatically Be Registered With PPL if I Register Them With PRS/MCPS and Vise Versa?

No - registering a song with PRS/MCPS does not automatically also register that song with PPL.

Registering a song with PRS/MCPS does not automatically mean that song will also be registered at PPL. The same goes for the reverse - registering a song with PPL does not automatically mean that song will also be registered at PRS/MCPS. 

This is because PRS/MCPS and PPL are not only two completely separate businesses (which means they do not share work data with each other), they also manage different rights to the song. PRS/MCPS handles the publishing, while PPL handles the sound recording.

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If you are using Songtrust, we will make sure your song is fully registered at PRS/MCPS along with a number of other Performing Rights Organizations (PROs) and Mechanical Societies globally. This means that after you add your songs into your Songtrust account, you do not also need to register them directly with PRS/MCPS, or any other collection society you are affiliated with since we do that for you!  However, you should still make sure you are registering your songs directly with any societies that handle sound recording royalties, such as PPL in the UK, or SoundExchange in the USA.


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