2. Collection Partners/Pay Sources
  3. Performance Rights Organizations & Collective Management Organizations (PROs/CMOs)

Will My Songs Automatically Be Registered With PPL if I Register Them With PRS/MCPS?

They handle different song rights.

Registering a song with PRS/MCPS does not automatically mean it will be registered at PPL, and vice versa. This is because they’re completely separate businesses who don’t share data with one another. More importantly, they also manage different song rights. (PRS/MCPS handles the publishing side and PPL handles the recording.)

If you’re a Songtrust user, we will make sure your songs are fully registered at PRS/MCPS and a number of other global Performing Rights Organizations (PROs) and pay sources. However, you should still register your songs directly with any collection societies that handle sound recording royalties, such as PPL in the UK and  SoundExchange in the States.

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